Our focus lays on the fundamentals and the social etiquette of the dance. By teaching you proper techniques; we strive to give you a deeper understanding of the different components of the dance, its music, different rhythms, and movement so that you can find yourself and become the best dancer you can be. 

Our classes are progressive and take place in 5-week sessions. 

We will adapt to your level and build you up, whether you're a beginner with no experience or an intermediate dancer; will have something new to teach you. 

What you can learn....

Salsa On1 & On2, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Pachanga and their different elements, such as: styling, shines, figures/patterns, body movement and much more!


Oraki Student Team

debuting performance at the

Columbia Salsa Summit 2016

Classes take place in 5-Week Sessions

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Practicing salsa dancing can bring a number of benefits to you, both physically and mentally.

Some of those benefits are: weight loss, muscle toning, lowers cholesterol, improves balance, improves memory & strengthens your social skills; among many other benefits.

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Private Lesson (1 hr)


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Oraki Ladies Team

Performing at the annual

Mambo Dinamico Showcase 2015
(Raleigh, NC)



In Oraki, we're committed to bringing the highest level of dance instruction, workshops, social
dance events, and 
performances to Columbia & South Carolina,- not as a product, but as an

It is our plan to incorporate the existing dance
community and our strong base of supporters into our class schedule and upcoming
performances and events. The potential for growth is amplified by the fact that the arts
community in Columbia attracts people from many backgrounds and interests. 



07:30 PM

​914 Pulaski St


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